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Hello, My name is alex

I am the creator of and dog trainer at DogFather Dog Institute.

My name is Alexander and I am a dog enthusiast, human trainer, and the founder of DFDI. The goal in creating this company is to reach out to as many dogs and their owners as possible and assist them on their journey in building their bond with through both communication and love. Through years of experience we've had the pleasure of working with a vast variety of pups and are keen in helping pet parents find creative and fun ways to feel comfortable working with these intelligent and diverse creatures.​

Hello, My name is Julia

I am the social media manager of and secretary at DogFather Dog Institute.

Hi there! I'm Julia! I have always loved working with animals and had a passion for creativity. I graduated from UCSB with a B.A. in Geography in 2019. I joined DFDI in 2022 and have been running our social media platforms and daily operations ever since. 

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meet the puppers

Ezekiel, or Zeke for short, is a male Australian Cattle Dog. He was our first fur baby and is the teachers pet *literally*. 

Penelope, or Penni for short, is a female English Bull Terrier. She is our cuddly, treat motivated, "here for the vibes" girl.

Our dogs are part of EVERY Board & Train Program and serve as example dogs and companions for the dogs in the program. 

Watch our TikTok Lives to see these two in action performing many of their tricks! @dogfather360

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the dfdi Story

A Dog Trainer and People Mentor

My dog training career took off at a young age when growing up and helping train horses with my pops. Early on it was very clear to me that I shared a connection with animals and they did with me. I've always had an easy ability to communicate with animals and once I turned 18 I knew I wanted to get a job that allowed me to utilize that talent and passion. 

My first actual job working with animals was as an associate with Petco. I was offered a management position in the little time I was there because it was clear to my boss that I had a determination for what I do. When I put my head to something it is very important to me that it is done the true and right way, even if that means taking extra time. Upon seeing that the resident dog trainer at our store was leaving I jumped at this opportunity. Although it was a demotion from management, I knew it would allow me to do more hands on animal work. To me it was a promotion! Yes it was lower pay per hour, but it was a higher pay mentally considering the work I'd doing. I can't imagine my life without this decision because it has paved the road for not just my life, but for hundreds of dogs and their pet parents, and soon to be MILLIONS!

Since becoming a licensed business in 2013 DogFather Dog Institute has had the pleasure in assisting a number of dogs and families in their road to making their lives more enjoyable on both ends of the spectrum. I believe it is very evident that all people learn differently and with that, so do their DOGS. Over my years of training I have become very skilled in reading and understanding canine body language, social cues, and knowing when a issue should be pressed on or if something else must be done first. There are tons of pups out there who need homes and training BEFORE issues arise and setting the right precautions up can make all the difference in lowering those numbers!

our training style

An "Adaptive" Trainer 

It is extremely important to us that more people understand how evident it is that all dogs are not necessarily defined by a breed. That being said it is also important for us to always look at the bigger picture and see that not every issue that may look the same, is trained in the same way. Just like how every person can differ in how they learn, the same applies to each and every dog. DFDI will always approach with the intent of love and positive reinforcement at the base of our training until meeting your furry loved one and thus adjusting our training style to best suit your dogs needs.

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