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"Winnie struggled with nipping and jumping, and was fearful of new experiences and our 3 year old daughter was becoming fearful of her as well. Our sweet puppy came home and had learned so much in that time."
"We started with the puppy level board and train to address his behavioral issues... Fred is now the sweet, goofy, gentle giant Great Danes are known to be, all thanks to Alex. I honestly would not have been able to handle Fred without his help." 
"No one works harder than Alex, owner and trainer to bring the very best out of you, your family and each individual dog and breed. Alex builds trust from the moment you and your dog meet him."
"If you're reading this then most likely you're in need of some help with your pup. Look no further, the dog father is here to help. If you love your fur baby then this is the place for you."
"Atti came to us with severe separation anxiety and not knowing any English commands. We chose to do the two week Board and Train and she came home a new girl!"
"... Arch soon began to show signs of aggression and disobedience and it became clear to us that we all needed professional help! By the end of Archie's 3 week Board and Train with Alex we were more confident in our abilities as handlers and Archie is now a very sweet, well behaved boy."
"We decided to enroll Lilly in the 2 week Board and Train Program. It was a prefect option, as Lilly learned commends and to better handle her puppy excitement... In addition to the training, Alex provided daily updates to ensure our pup was safe and having fun during the boarding, which as a dog owner is so important."
"Ella was an aggressive and dominating dog from the start. She would bite us and attack our 16 year old standard poodle. We had almost lost hope when she would not stop jumping and biting. If you want a dog trainer that can truly help your family call Alex."
"I got a puppy, and after bringing her home, I quickly realized I was in over my head. I was overwhelmed with the biting, separation anxiety, etc., and knew I needed help. I couldn't believe how much she's learned in just 2 weeks, I still can't!"
"Ozzy was basically doing what he wanted to do, had a lot of bad habits and bad leash pulling on walks. I reached out to a few trainers, but after talking and having a meet and greet with Alex, I knew he was the one!"
"I appreciate that Alex comes with a plan each week to build on the previous week's lesson, but is flexible and willing to include other areas of focus important to the owner. He always shows up with a great attitude and his passion for working with dogs is clearly evident."
"My dog Stewie is 9.5 years old and let me just say that you can teach an old dog new tricks! Alex has proved that by far!"
"She has become a fun loving, playful girl. It was his gentle demeanor and total heartfelt compassion for Maggie that I believe she responded to the most. Her obedience training (which is mostly training us) has just been an added perk."

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