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My name is Alexander and I am a dog enthusiast, human trainer, and the founder of DFDI. The goal in creating this company is to reach out to as many dogs and their owners as possible and assist them on their journey in building their bond with through both communication and love. Through years of experience we've had the pleasure of working with a vast variety of pups and are keen in helping pet parents find creative and fun ways to feel comfortable working with these intelligent and diverse creatures.

It is extremely important to us that more people understand how evident it is that all dogs are not necessarily defined by a breed. That being said it is also important for us to always look at the bigger picture and see that not every issue that may look the same, is trained in the same way. Just like how every person can differ in how they learn, the same applies to each and every dog. DFDI will always approach with the intent of love and positive reinforcement at the base of our training until meeting your furry loved one and thus adjusting our training style to best suit your dogs needs.

How can dog training help you?

Meet my dogs Penelope and Ezekiel
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So lucky to have met a new friend today!
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