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6 Lesson PAckage

How do i get started?

  • Determining your needs

    • Over the phone or in person I learn about you, your dog, and your training goals

    • During our first lesson I see you and your dog in your environment, your dog's "comfort zone"​​

  • What is covered?

    • Depending on your dog's age, skill level, and the training wants of the owner, your dog will be placed in a specific program:

      • Puppy Obedience Level 1 & 2​​

      • Adult Obedience Level 1 & 2

      • While I do have established programs, your pup's program will always be tailored to your training needs

    • Common Topics Covered:

      • Sit​, Down, Stand, Basic Commands 

      • Wait & Stay Training 

      • "Come" when called/ Recall 

      • On Leash Heel & Intro to Loose Leash Walking

      • Place or Mark Training 

        • AND LOTS MORE. The sky is the limit. We love what we do so there is always extras that are not listed​. 

  • How long is the program?
    • We set up a consistent time to meet once a week for an hour to a hour and half each week for a duration of six weeks

  • what does it cost?
    • ​The 6 Lesson Package is priced at $750 

  • Training Methods

    • We believe primarily in positive reinforcement and a slow and effective approach for our training style however we also do adjust our approach according to the dogs we are working with. We will NEVER try anything without first talking to the owner in regards to their comfort. In regards to E-COLLAR training, this is usually never recommended by us here at DFDI, although we are trained in how to use these types of tools appropriately in the event an owner is interested in that type of training.

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