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board & Train

How do i get started?

  • Phone Consultation

    • This gives us a chance to answer all questions, and to get all the details before giving a quote

  • Meet & Greet

    • All board and train programs are carefully tailored to your dogs specific training needs and in order to properly design your program, we'll need to meet your amazing pup​

  • What is covered?

    • Every program will cover the basics such as the following

      • Sit​

      • Down

      • Stand

      • Wait & Stay

      • "Come" when called

      • On Leash Heel & Intro to Loose Leash Walking

      • Place or Mark

      • Touch

        • AND LOTS MORE. We love what we do so there is always extras that are not listed​. *Ask about them on our MEET & GREET

    • Most importantly EVERY program will come with private lessons. The amount is determined by the duration of your dogs stay

  • How long is the program?
    • This is determined by age, and specific training needs​

    • Minimum of 2 weeks​​ required

  • what does it cost?
    • ​This is determined by age, and specific training needs​

    • For a quote, please contact us for a free phone consultation

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