Board & Train

Pricing Varies per Client

The Board and train Service consists of private one on one training that is personalized to both yours and your dogs specific needs.  Although, this is designed a tad different that the average training course. The general way it works is we set up a duration of time and your dog is submersed in a 24 hrs training environment. This is done by your dog actually staying in home with me and my pack of 2 dogs. With that said we also incorporate the pet parents and their home/environment by doing checkpoint lessons concurrent to the board and train while it is happening. Every board and train will end with a hour to an hour and a half lesson as well to conclude and follow up on the training we've done. Lastly we provide a written out homework packet that has tips and training information that covers what we went through in detail over the experience. Here at DFDI we do have a rubric and outline that we follow but of course certain cases call for specialized approach. In the less extreme cases we are very well equipped in training Puppy Obedience, Adult dog Obedience, and even, PERSONALIZED TRAINING. On the other end we do also work with rescue dogs, aggression, insecure dogs, and are very familiar with training in Introducing a new dog to a new home. We believe primarily in positive reinforcement and a slow approach for our training style however we also do adjust our approach according to the dogs we are working with. We will NEVER try anything without first talking to the owner in regards to their comfort. Now in regards to E-COLLAR training, this is usually never recommended by us here at DFDI, although we are trained in how to use these types of tools appropriately in the event an owner is interested in that type of training.